If no one has said it to you today.. I love ya!

I am a complete dork, nerd, goofball .... Whatever you wanna call it. I'll bust a dance move just because I live my life each day to the extreme! More important I love me! Everyone has greatness and beauty in them and I choose to see it. So much love to everyone oh and I'm single like girls ect....

Anonymous asked: are you going to add a video :)

Yes! Very soon! Kisses 💋💋💋

dieselfruit asked: Dope super hero outfit

Thank you! Still trying to decide exactly what my super power should be! 💋💋💋

Random epiphany

At 37 years old I still can’t not laugh at the word boob, or farts in general.Unless your my bf then it’s gross, but if you’re a girl I’m dating it’s still funny! Wtf BOOB buahahahaha



pillow humping in honor of sexy sunday

I don’t know how to put into words how utterly divine this woman’s body is.

Had to repost due to the fact that I’ve done this forever! However I’ve always thought it was embarrassing I was so beyond happy to see this to let me know I’m not alone! Haha seriously though pillows and the arms of couches just a few of my favorite things!